Sustainably creating beautiful objects by redesigning the old into the new

Classic sustainable designs created from existing objects that have been redesigned into something new, to create the perfect blend of modern vintage. Slowly refined over time, with a little artisan touch.

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Antic, /ˈantɪk/, Catalan word meaning, “Exists from a previous era, it is not new or recent”, also “Higher category, prestige or priority”
Vintage, /’vɪntɪdʒ/, Is the term used to refer to objects or accessories with a certain age, which can not yet be classified as antiques, and which, like good wines, are considered to have improved or have been revalued over time.

Created from everyday objects from our daily lives, and skillfully reworked by artisan craftsmanship to create beautiful lamps and interior products for your home.

Antic Vintage Shanghai aims to create beautiful objects, whilst helping to make our planet more sustainable. All our designs are created from recycled materials sourced in Shanghai, generally discarded after their initial use. From old tins, packaging and plastic bottles; we focus on giving a second lease of life to abandoned materials in a creative way. Inspired by the natural human evolution process of creating something new and greater, from something that already exists.

*All our designs are limited edition, and individually hand made by our artisans. Meaning each design is unique to you, and no one piece is exactly the same. *

We aim to create a community to show and inspire others how to reduce waste in a fun, and creative way around your home.

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